We have a free forever plan which enables you to receive 25 interview responses per month.

If you wish to enjoy the added benefits of a paid account please enter your payment card details on the profile page.

Our billing is based on the number of users you have in your account and we automatically increase and decrease your billing amount as you add or remove users. 

Billing Cycle

The total amount you will be billed in any given month is based on the maximum number of users in your paid account. Eg. If you add 5 users at the beginning of your monthly billing cycle, and then delete 2 the next day you will have 3 users. However, you will still be charged for 5 users until you enter your next monthly billing cycle.

Pricing plans

You can view our pricing plans here: https://willotalent.com/#pricing


If you have any questions about billing or require a receipt please contact us using the live chat or by raising a ticket at the top of this page.