You can setup an interview on your desktop PC, tablet or mobile in less than 10 minutes. That's 20 times faster than any other video interviewing platform!

Before we get started you will have to create a company brand profile if you haven't already.

To add an interview, click on the Interview tab from the main menu as shown below:

You will then see the following Create button:

Click on this to get started. There are 3 easy steps to creating an interview on Willo:

1. Initial setup
This is where you enter details about the interview such as the title and description. You have the option of including a intro video in your process too. Only YouTube hosted videos are officially supported, simply copy and paste the link which should look similar to the following:


If you are copying text from Word or another website you may see formatting issues when you paste text into Willo. If you want to ensure there is absolutely no formatting problems, then the best option is to paste the text without any formatting of any kind applied to it. That means you need to paste plain text, which requires a couple of extra steps, which are explained in the next paragraph:

Simply open Notepad on your PC (or Text Editor on your Mac) and paste the text from Word or a website into a new Notepad (or Text Editor) file. 

Copy the text from Notepad (or Text Editor) and paste it into Willo. 

No extra formatting will be added. However, if there was any formatting in the original text that you want to use in your job description (such as bold, lists, underline, and so on), you will need to add those from within Willo using the toolbar.

2. Choose/create your interview questions
You can choose from hundreds of questions pre-written by industry professionals and psychologists designed to give you the answers you want. You can also simply add your own questions. You also have the option to delete and change the order of your questions.


  • The minimum number of questions you can have is 1, and the maximum we recommend is 10.
  • You cannot edit the order or delete questions once the interview has received responses. You should duplicate the interview if you need to add or delete questions.


Choose the number of retakes that a person can have using the dropdown. We recommend leaving this setting at Unlimited since this delivers the best user experience and significantly increases the interview completion rate.

On this final step, there is the option to share access to this interview with others in your organisation. Others will have the option to rate out of 5 stars and leave comments.

You will also set the timescale for your interview, for example, if you want people to interview within a set period of time after inviting them via email/SMS.

Click Publish and the job will go live within your dashboard. You can then start inviting people to your new interview!