Do I have to share my location information with Willo?

Sharing your location information is a browser related setting that is not mandatory. Willo does not require that users share their location; it is completely optional. 

Why does Willo request this information?

By default, Willo will capture an interviewers IP address as part of the full audit trail of an interview and to ensure that the correct phone number and language settings are used. The location of a user can only be roughly determined with IP address information.

If a user however opts-in to share their location during interview, the information provided allows Willo to display the users location on a map within the interview audit trail and more accurately display phone number and language settings for an even better experience.

How do I ensure my location settings are properly set up?

When completing a Willo interview for the first time, the browser will display a dialog box asking for permission to share your location. Simply click “allow” (or the equivalent, depending on your browser) to take full advantage of the geolocation functionality.

These links may provide information to help manage your browser location settings: