It’s no secret that traditional, outdated interviewing techniques end up wasting a significant amount of time for you and your clients.

Recruiters in particular, spend too much time trying to juggle applicants’ schedules with clients’ availability. And when you finally narrow it down to a handful of job candidates, you spend hours deliberating over who’s the best fit, and often have to drag out the hiring process because it’s nearly impossible to get all of the necessary people in the same room to meet the candidate.

But technology from Willo provides a solution that can enable you to streamline this process for both you and your clients — and, most importantly get open roles filled faster and more efficiently.

Whether your client is hiring 1 or 100 people here is the lowdown on why they should be using video interviewing:

Hire 40% faster than traditional methods 

This is one of the primary reasons for using a video interviewing platform. According to Glassdoor, scheduling and conducting traditional phone screening interviews adds an average of 9 days onto the time-to-hire of a vacancy. 

With video interviewing you no longer need to schedule anything - candidates receive an invite and they can complete the interview at a time which suits them. Phone interviews are also a thing of the past as recorded videos are packed full of information to help you and your client make a more informed decision. 

At Willo we often hear from recruiters that their client fast-tracked candidates to the final stage interview because they had enough information in the video interview to make that decision.

See candidates personality

When was the last time you read a CV and thought you really knew the person? Not often... But personality is an essential factor in finding a suitable new employee. 

With a video recruitment platform like Willo you and your client actually get to see and hear from each candidate so you can better decide who you, and more importantly, your client want to progress with. 

Improve the quality of in-person interviews

Video is an effective tool for helping identify the best candidates for the position earlier in the hiring process. Getting to know the candidates on a more personal level earlier with Willo means you're client is more confident about who they want to meet in-person; saving everyone time.

Clients love that the only people they need to meet for a face-to-face interview are those who they have already seen on video. It significantly improves their overall hiring experience.


Not always a consideration when hiring, but have you ever thought about how many amazing candidates you have missed out on because they cannot attend your interview or make your phone call? Neither have your clients...

The best candidates are often already in full time employment and asking them to leave their current job to come to an interview is simply not possible. By using video you and your clients are opening the door to a wider pool of amazing candidates who are just too busy to take a gamble on your in-person interview.

Positive employer branding

The candidate application process is fully branded with yours, or your clients branding - that includes colour scheme and logo. This branded experience boosts the employer brand as a forward thinking, digitally focused business.


Since video interviews are recorded, you can easily share them with others to obtain their feedback. Getting managers and their colleagues involved earlier on will help you validate decisions on which candidates should be advanced in the hiring process. 

Sharing interviews on Willo is a simple process and you can get feedback in the form of comments and 5-star ratings. Having a 360 degree decision making process is one of the least tangible benefits of video recruitment, but also one of the most powerful! 

The Willo platform has an amazing feature called 'candidate showcase' where candidates videos that you shortlist can be shared directly with the client on an easy to access, branded page. Hiring managers love this as they can watch candidates back on the go and dont need to remember any login details.

Shows you respect candidates’ time

When you adopt video interviewing techniques, you’re showing candidates that you understand that they, too, are busy and that you respect their time. 

Instead of forcing them to take time off of work for interviews, you’re enabling job candidates to record a one-way video when it’s convenient for them. This drives home the point that you want to make life easier for them, and improves your and your clients employer brand experience.

Candidates rate the Willo platform with a score of 70+ NPS®

The technology is so easy to use

At Willo we design with a candidate-centric philosophy. You will never need to worry about candidates having technical issues as the platform works on any device, anywhere. Yes, even that rubbish hotel Wi-fi that candidates often end up using... Not only that but Willo comes with 24/7 live chat and email support so you and your candidates are never alone.