Once you’ve created a job and reviewed it, you may begin inviting candidates to complete the video interview.  

All you need to do is copy your invitation link and send it to the candidates via your preferred method of communication - we suggest email or LinkedIn messenger as the best method to use.

To find your invite link please click on the Jobs tab from the main menu then select the job that you wish to invite candidates to interview to from the list:

Once you have clicked on the desired job you will see the following screen with a button to Invite candidates:

You have 2 options for inviting candidates:

Share Link (Recommended method)

Once you click on Invite you will have the option to copy and share the link with candidates as shown here:

When you are inviting candidates via share link to complete the video interview it is good to give them some context either over the phone beforehand or in the email. This will improve the chance of them completing a video for you. We suggest the following tried and tested template for your invitations:

Hi <candidate name>,
Thanks for your interest in the role with <company>. I have reviewed your application and would like to invite you to answer a few interview questions on video.
You will have the chance to practice as many times as you like and don't be afraid to show your personality. Please follow the link below to take you to our video interview platform - I would be grateful if you could complete this at your earliest convenience.
<share link goes here>
Before you get started
How it works
This digital video interview contains a series of questions that you can answer at home in your own time using your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam.
Please allow around 15 minutes to complete the interview and remember you can practice as many times as you like.
Applying on a phone
Read these top tips to ensure a smooth interview process for your iOS or Android device: https://willotalent.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/47000418716-can-i-apply-using-my-phone-
Technical question or issue
Please visit support.willotalent.com or email support@willotalent.com
<your name>

Top tip: you can also share this link on a social media post or your website for candidates to apply speculatively.

Willo SMS / Email Invite

If you aren't sending out manual invitations you will also have the option to send through Willo as below, either in bulk or as single invites: 

You can enter a candidate name, email address and optional phone number, then click add and send invite. Please remember to use the correct country code. Eg. +44 for the UK.

Candidates will then receive an email and SMS from Willo inviting them to record a video for you. The message that they will receive looks like this:

Hi <candidate name>, thank you for your interest in the <job title> with <company name>. 
You have been shortlisted and I invite you to complete a short video interview. Please click this link to find out more: <personalised link>. 
Thanks, <your name>

The benefit of inviting a candidate through the Willo platform is that they do not need to enter their details as the system already knows who they are. You can also keep track of who you have invited easily.